EHS Management System
environment protection

Actively develop green chemistry and cleaner production technology, and put this technology and concept into practice in new product development, process development and optimization, technical improvement and other aspects, and commit to reducing pollution sources from the source by using chemical basic principles and technologies.

A complete sewage collection pipe network, rainwater collection pipe network and circulating water pipe network have been established, which can achieve the general goal of "zero direct sewage discharge" of rainwater sewage separation and clean sewage separation.

Sewage treatment capacity 1500m ³/ d. The process of "air flotation+hydrolytic acidification+AO+oxidation" is adopted to realize "DCS" automatic control in the whole process.

Advanced regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) and mechanical vapor recompression evaporator (MVR) are equipped for the treatment of waste gas and liquid.


With the fundamental purpose of protecting the physical and mental health of all employees of the company, comprehensively improve the comprehensive prevention and control ability of occupational disease hazards of the company.

Provide protective facilities that meet the requirements of occupational disease prevention and occupational disease protective articles for personal use to improve working conditions.

Protect employees' right to occupational health protection, and conduct physical examination for employees before, during, after and after work.

Carry out occupational health education for employees, and monitor and control the toxic and harmful factors on the labor site.


Adopt multiple risk identification methods, improve safety design, improve safety protection facilities to the maximum extent, and reduce and control risks.

Do a good job in the "three simultaneities" management of the construction project, and implement the management requirements for the trial production of the construction project.

Various safety management systems and procedures are formulated, and management contents, responsibilities and work procedures are clarified.

The procurement, storage and use of raw materials and the classification, collection and disposal of waste realize the whole process and life cycle management.

With the standardization of work safety and the construction of occupational health and safety management system as the starting point, a dual prevention mechanism of safety risk hierarchical management and control and accident hidden danger investigation and management has been established.

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