CDMO Business

CDMO business mainly refers to providing customers with process research and development, process optimization, quality and stability research, customized production and other services of pharmaceutical intermediates and apis.

From the perspective of drug life cycle, the company mainly serves the clinical development stage of innovative drugs of multinational pharmaceutical companies and the commercial sales stage after the drug market, and also partly serves the research and development and marketing stage of generic drugs.

Clinical trial phase

In the clinical trial phase and marketing application process of new drugs, the company provides customers with the process design, process amplification and optimization, chemical structure or component confirmation, quality and stability research, impurity research and other services of key intermediates for new drugs, and undertakes the small and medium-sized production of key intermediates in the process of research and development.

Commercial production stage

After drugs are approved for market and enter the commercial production stage, the company provides customers with large-scale production of key intermediates and continuous process optimization services to continuously improve and upgrade drug quality, production safety, EHS compliance and other aspects, effectively reduce costs and enhance product competitiveness.

Core value

Pharmaceutical process development optimization and industrial application

  • Research and development laboratory

    It has a pilot synthesis laboratory, kg amplification synthesis laboratory, R & D analysis laboratory, which can meet the development, optimization and amplification from mg, g to kg level.

  • Pilot plant

    With anhydrous and anaerobic, high vacuum, high pressure hydrogenation, -100℃ to 200℃ temperature range reaction, distillation, distillation, column chromatography separation, can be 10 kg to 100 kg scale.

  • Talent advantage

    Adhering to the concept of development by technology, the company introduces domestic and foreign high-end leading talents, builds a high-quality talent team, builds a domestic first-class pharmaceutical intermediates and API research and development platform, and improves the ability to undertake CDMO projects.

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